Standard V, Using Results for Continuous Improvement

Committee Members: Laura Taylor, Susan Randolph, Davis Harris, Jonathan Burke, Emily Burke
5.1 The system establishes a clearly defined ad comprehensive student assessment system.
2013-2014 - Level:3 out of 4, 2014-2015 - Level 3 out of 4.
Theschool and personnel maintain and use a comprehensive assessment systemthat produces data from multiple assessment measures. Evidence: Measure of student learning commonexams:              EVAAS:              
Comparisons between classroom grades and state exam scores.               
See: Power School System, MSL, VOCATS scores.               
See: SRI Student Survey,               
See: School Wide Rubrics.
5.2 Professional and support staff continuouslycollect, analyze, and apply learning from a range of sources, includingcomparisons and trend data about student learning, instruction programevaluation, and organizational conditions that support learning.
2013-2014 -Level 3 out of 4, 2014-2015 - Level 3 out of 4.
Thesystematic process and procedure for collecting, analyzing and applyinglearning from multiple data sources are documented and usedconsistently by professional and support staff.
Evidence:  EVAAS Data:                
EVAAS data training at Wayne Community College. Common Core Training Jan. 3, 2013                   
See: PLAN scores                 
See: ACT scores                   
See:  VOCAT scores                   
See: Power School System 
5.3 Throughout the system professional and support staff are trained in the interpretation and use of data.
2013-2014 - Level 3 out of 4, 2014-2015-Level 3 out of 4.
Allprofessional and support staff members are assessed and trained in arigorous, individualized professional development program related to theevaluation of data.
Evidence: NC Falcon training:                   
EVAAS training Common Core Training Jan. 3, 2013                    
EVASS training Presentation.                   
Pearson Product Education:                   
NC Falcon Training                   
PLC/Staff Development Training
5.4 The school system engages in a continuousprocess to determine verifiable improvement in student learning,including readiness for and success at the next level.
2013-2014 - Level 3 out of 4, 2014-2015 - Level 4 out of 4.
Policiesand procedures describe a process for analyzing data that determineverifiable improvement in student learning including readiness for thenext level. Results indicate improvement and system and school personnelsystematically use these results to design implement, and evaluate theresults of continuous improvement action plans related to studentlearning including readiness for the next level. Increased rating forthe 2014-2015 school year due to school-wide exceeding growth status.
Evidence: Policies                      
See: MSL scores                      
See: Work Key scores                     
See: CTE minutes                     
See: VOCAT scores                      
See: Distantce Learning Report                      
See: College Success rate through Wayne Community College (students grades)                      
See: WSE Case Study of a Rural Inclusive STEM-Focused High School                      
See: Technology Gateway-real world problems, Simple Machines (Artifacts 3.3) 
5.5  System and School leaders monitor andcommunicate comprehensive information about student learning, schoolperformance, and the achievement of system and school improvement goals.
2013-2014 - Level 4 out of 4, 2014-2015 - Level 4 out of 4.
Systemand school leaders monitor comprehensive information about studentlearning system and school effectiveness, and the achievement of systemand school improvement goals. Leaders regulary communicate results usingmultiple delivery methods and in appropriate degree of sophisticationfor all stakeholder groups.
Evidence: School Website:                      
School Website community link:                      
School Website Business Partner link:                      
See: North Carolina Public School Report Cards                     
See: Advisory Council Meeting Minutes                      
See: WSE Case Study of a Rural Inclusive STEM-Focused High School (See: Artifacts 5.4) 
Narrative: The evaluation ranking based on the continuous efforts of both theprofessional and support staff is as follows; 5.1 -5.3 received aoverall rating of 3 out of 4. Collecting, analyzing, and applying dataimproves with each professional development session this year. Eacheducator has collaborated and utilized data during their weekly PLCmeetings. The use of incorporating EVAAS data into the daily curriculumhas become a more present and continuous process. Using a collection ofresults including pre-assessments, MSL, VOCAT, and EOC to provide datafor  differentiation, homogenous grouping, and a point of reference toencourage growth at all levels. Standard 5.4 increased this year from a 3out of 4 to a 4 out of 4 because results indicate a significantimprovement. The Evaluation ranking for 5.5 is a rating of 4 out of 4,the system and Mr. Hales effectively communicatescomprehensive information about student learning, and schoolperformance, and achievement of system and school improvement goals.

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